Children Ministry

Children Ministry

This ministry was created in order to allow the children of Amen Community to access the promise of God concerning their lives as well as their right. Eph 6:1. The category of children who attend children ministry are those below the age of puberty. The leadership of this ministry are mature (adult) and qualified members of teaching ministry.
They do have children’s week.
This children’s week is their annual programme which takes place during school long vacation and it runs for 4days speakers do come from community and do speak to them on moral decadents. They do conduct deliverance on the children from 8am -2pm daily.
They also do have children’s-day-celebration in the month of May annually, featuring welcome song, drama, quiz, messages. The children anchor some of the programmes e.g ministering of word of God, songs etc.
They are also carrying out visitation to motherless homes, Hospital visit. They use to go with some items like toiletry, provision, cloths, they do interact with the patients and orphans finally they (children) will pray for host.

Student Group

This is one of the special groups in teaching ministry. It is charged with the responsibility of integrating the students at all levels in the ministry. It was formed and Bro. Ajah Basil as the first leader. The group became deferent in Bro. Zacharia Ugwu regime as the leader of the ministry and was recreated by the leadership of Bro. Boniface Onyejekwe. According to this leadership icon, Bro. Boniface, most students of the ministry especially those in the tertiary institution, on their return from school loose bearing, since they can’t join other groups in the ministry and that makes them loose focus. He equally stated the need to care for students when they are at school, so that they will not share off their faith.
Currently, the group which started as a ministry sub-group is gradually growing into a community indispensable group. Students all over the community benefit from the activities of the group. Amidst other exercises they carry out like indoor meetings, camp meetings, their annual student congress has come to stay. The community has been very supportive of this annual congress which brings students of the community and the elites from far and near to a point of sharing life experiences, challenges and exploits with one another. Teaching ministry students and other ministries have in no small measure benefited from this unusual congress. Beyond edification of students in the community, it has served as a wonderful means of wining souls for Christ.
It is worthy of note that this congress was initiated by the leadership of Bro. Sunday Okeke. Till date, students congress holds annually to be a source of enlightenment to the students and Amen community to the glory of God. The present leader of the group is Bro. Sunday Okeke.


This is a special team that is saddled with the responsibility of standing in gap for the ministry through seizeless prayers. They also always communicate to God on behalf of the ministry concerning all her activities. If there is a situation that requires urgent prayer they stand by for such. This group is as old as the ministry. The present leader of the ministry prayer team is Bro. Chinedu Okeke.