Greeters ministry is a vital ministry in catholic charismatic Renewal Movement. The fundamental function of this ministry is to welcome, visit, teach and completely nurture the new comers from the day they entered the community till they are matured for the life in the spirit seminar. Greeters ministry is a ministry where gifts of all the ministries in charismatic renewal can be found. All the members of the charismatic renewal must pass through the greeters ministry before they become a bonafide member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement.
We have some individual that are coordinating the affairs of the ministry. They are:
Bro. Chigozie Okonokwo (Leader)
Bro Offor Dominic Leader (former leader)
Bro Ukachunwa Kingsley Assistant Leader
Ukaigwe Onyekachi Secretary
Anyamaele Benedict Assistant Secretary
Ozo Fidelia Financial secretary
Unaegbu Ebere Treasurer

The names of the groups are:
* Teaching team group
* Prayer team
* Visitation Team
* Counseling Team
* Inner Warrior Team


Teacher’s team is one of the most important groups in Greeters Ministry. This group performs the service of teaching the ministry Bible Study, teaching the new comers (converts) class and taking care of the new comers from the day they entered into the community till they are matured to participate in the life in spirit seminar (LISS). Apart from teaching the new comers, this team also organizes vigil, camping and other spiritual activities for the spiritual growth of the new converts.
The teaching takes place at Amen Community Band Stand every Sunday immediately after 6am mass.


This team as the name implies is the engine room of the ministry. As we know, prayer is the foundation of our relationship with Christ. To be a member of the team you must be compassionate. This is why the group always organize prayer sections for people in need both for physical, spiritual and moral well being, they always engage in incessant vigils, fasting and prayer to make sure that they are well equipped spiritually to tackle various challenges of different individual through prayers.


This group is made up of seven sub groups. Their work is to visit new members in their residence. They visit to encourage new ones, exhorting them in faith and giving them sense of belonging as they pray with them according to their needs. Basically, the central message here is God’s love which reminds the converts that they are not forgotten. By extending this hand fellowship, boosts their moral and makes them feel at home. This visitation is done on Sundays after second mass and is normally done by pairing people in twos for one or more converts whose information is always with the visitation group/ this choice of pairing is to toe Jesus format


This is another group that is very useful and helpful in the grooming of new converts. The group is known for counseling services for new members. This is the first port of call of new converts after being introduces to the community on Thursday prayer meeting. At this section, the counselors make the new ones to be aware of their spiritual level, giving them insight into how they can get their spiritual and physical goals. Further information about the community and its environments is made known to them at this department. The target goal is made achievable by helping the converts understand the things that are most important to them, shaping their spiritual focus and enhancing their footing.
The readiness of converts to open up and lay bare their spiritual challenges is advantageous to the counseling process; this service takes place within bandstand wit class session after 6am mass.


 The group is made up of elders. They are men and women who have been in the ministry for a long time, albeit, it is a newly introduced group. This group was carved out because of their age and they are meant to exclusively stand on the gap for prayer intercession need of the ministry. Since its inception, the group has been doing wonderfully well in their duties. This group also renders visitation to members of the ministry, especially the sick and the backslider