Jesus said to him, I will heal him (Matthew 8v7). The ministries of healing and teaching was paramount in the life time of Jesus which he went about doing, for as many towns and villages he entered (Matthew 9v35). And Jesus healed many who had various diseases; he also drove out many demons…. (Mark 1vs34).
The ministry of healing started from creation by God himself who desire the physical and mental health of human when he created some vegetation and herbs for medicines and healing (Gen. 1vs11-12).
Since we have been given the mandate and mantle to heal and restore to life by our Lord Jesus Christ after he resurrected from the dead, with the keys to destroy the power of death and demonic oppressions of the forces of darkness (Mark 16vs14-18). The ministry has ever since become the battle axe of God for war against the kingdom of darkness, its agents and cohorts.
The healing ministry of Amen community is as old as the community itself and healing is one of the spiritual gifts that God has made and given to men to help edify the body of Christ since the inception of Amen community. The members of the healing ministry undergoes special training and prayerful preparations on manner of handling each cases concerning healing, counseling, deliverance etc. the ministry therefore, grooms brethren to take up this task for the community, the church and the entire world.


JESUS ANTENATAL: This a program for pregnant mothers which holds every Sunday by 5:00pm. As the name implies “JESUS ANTENATAL” is an avenue where some mid wives, nurses and elderly mothers in the ministry takes pregnant women on some antenatal programs both physical and spiritually.
Physical: The Pregnant women are being taken through physical exercises, teachings and seminars on cleanliness, feeding, foetus growth, love, sex during pregnancy and general growth
Spiritually: Pregnant women are being trained to keep up with their prayers, studying the scriptures by giving them vital prayer point with scriptural readings for both morning, afternoon and night.
Once in a month vigil is being held for counseling and intense prayers for case of doctor’s report such as “Lower Pelvic” which the baby would be delivered through caesarean section, “undulating Cervix” etc. these cases are tackled during counseling and prayer section and the Almighty God have being proving himself mightily by reversing the cases to normality. Also, during pregnancy, many women experience negative dreams of miscarriage, pursuing by masquerades, bathing in a river, someone telling you that you won’t deliver your baby in the dream or even physically, these and many other cases are being handled during these programs.
However, God has given us a testimony that those who attend Jesus antenatal don’t lose their babies


Which holds every Tuesday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. In this contemporary world where challenges of life has made many to seek for breakthrough in an unholy place, people move from house to house, mushroom-churches, spiritual temples, River bathing and some so called prophets sexually harassing their clients. So many young men in quest for fast money may go to such places and may in turn sacrifice lives (as their mother) or give their testis for quick money
More so, some so called Christian Brother in big market like Alaba, Aspanda, Patronizes Hindus temples for charms to make sales. To the end, the Tuesday breakthrough prayer of Amen Community is geared towards alleviating all these menace in the Christendom
All forms of spiritual solution or need you desire to attain in form of couselling and prayers is made available by god through brethren whom he has equipped for such issues.
Furthermore, there is financial breakthrough prayers organized by the prayer team through biblical principles to coach man on God’s guidelines towards achieving financial greatness.
NOTE: In every facets of life, are you intimidated, harassed, embarrassed or under fear of any occultic person, are you bewitched by any witch or wizard or threatened by any demonic force or are you having marital problem, sexually entangled by lust, pride of life. Is there any habit that you cannot overcome, the God heaven and earth declares in His word that He bore our grief. Come to Tuesday breakthrough prayers where solution abounds for you


Total deliverance from all forms of demonic and satanic attacks holds every Wednesday night from 10;00pm till dawn. This is a crucial channel which the body of Christ cannot do without. Deliverance through the word of God, deliverance by laying of hands, deliverance through prophetic utterance. Interestingly, many that goes to church today need one form of deliverance or the other; today a lot of deliverance has been conducted in Wednesday deliverance night effectively such as
Deliverance from marine soul-tie
Deliverance from ancestral covenant
Deliverance from occultism
Deliverance from demonic possession to mention but a few
Furthermore, people testify to the glory of God what God is using this channel (Deliverance Night) to do in the body of Christ. We implore you to partake in this moving of God through deliverance night prayer.
Ministry Meeting for ministry members holds every Saturday by 5:30pm
Every activities holds at Amen Community Band Stand.


Praise and Worship Team – The praise and worship team of the ministry goes for praise and worship events like crusade, Conferences, camp-meetings retreats and Deliverance Team– You can meet them for family liberation prayers, deliverance from all forms of demonic and satanic powers, ancestral curses and Idol covenant.
Counseling team – They help to guide someone to biblically decipher confusing issues of life through discussions and prayers.
Eighteen (18) other effective groups are all saddled with the responsibility of touching lives.


These are the past leaders whom God has used to affect many lives positively in the ministry, community and the ministry at large.
Bro. Louis Ogunbiade
Bro. Emmanuel Nwanze
Bro. Christopher Ngene
Bro. Eugene Iwuorie
Bro. Udoji Cyracus
Bro. Uche Nnabugo
Bro. Kenneth .O. Ebigbo
The incumbent leader, Sister Nkechi Idoko is an instrument whom God is using to touch lives supported by these brethren:
Bro. Frank Nkem
Bro. Valentine Ofuoma
Sis. Osadebe Chineye
Sis. Ogochukuwu Nwali
Bro. Polycarp Igwebe