Highlights of the basic features of Teaching Ministry:
Basic functions of the ministry.
Functions at Community Level
Functions at ministry level
* Functions at Amen Community level
* Life in the Spirit Seminar
* Bible Study.
* Prayer meeting.
* Soul winning outreach.
Functions at the ministry level/Activities.
* Ministry meeting.
* Annual camp meeting.
* Monthly vigil.
* Ministry thanksgiving.
Committees and special groups that function IN various AREAS of the ministry.
* Liturgical committee.
* Programme planning committee. (PPC)
* Code of conduct/visitation committee.
* Believers Trust fund committee.
* Caring Team (Committee).
* Website committee.
* Children Ministry.
* Student Groups.
* Prayer Team.


A major step in the teaching ministry process is the definition of the ministry vision and mission. The definition of a ministry vision and mission, the establishment of the objective and direction for the ministry.
The attributes that are unique or distinctive about the ministry although the kinds of information contained in a mission statement vary from one ministry to the other but the vision may not be far from each other because the long term aim of every Godly and genuine Ministry is to make heaven their last hope and attainment.
It is people that the ministry will use to achieve its vision and mission.
Vision Statement contains where the ministry intends to be in the future and mission statement contains how or the means or process of getting there. It specifies in clear terms the activities the ministry as a whole has to pursue now and in the future as the mission of Christ was clearly stated in Luke 4:19.
The mission statement is the starting point of the ministry management process because it defines the ministry character, Identity, direction and developmental path which give focus to the members. Vision of Christ Heb 4:15.
Hence Amen Community teaching ministry vision “to get a generation of renouned bible teachers whose lives represent character of Jesus Christ towards practical Christianity to make heaven at last day”
Mission statement: “to create programmes that will make members not to neglect the gathering of brethren where sound teachings to sustain the faith and believe of members using various tested channels in the ministry”
The present teaching ministry leader of Amen Community is Bro. Onyeka Nwankwo.

* Functions at Community Level
* Functions at ministry level
Life In The Spirit Seminar
This great impartation programme is done in all charismatic communities. In this programme, new members in charismatic are introduced to the person of the Holy Spirit. In this process they come in contact with the power, manifestations, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which in turn produces the fruits that are expected from a true child of God.
To carry out this task, the teaching ministry is saddled with the responsibility of not only bringing this people in contact with the Holy Spirit but also exposing them to the genuine Christian life.
Therefore, some teachings are arranged to fulfill this mandate which include:
* Introduction to life in the Spirit seminar.
* God the father loves me personally.
* Jesus saves me and sets me free.
* Jesus is the Lord of my life.
* Penitential service.
* You are called to be a disciple.
* Jesus sends you his Holy Spirit.
* You then are the body of Christ.
* You shall be my witness.
The topic “You will receive the Holy Spirit” is ministered on the day of praying over. During the praying over, the brethren expectantly wait for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit as it is in Acts 2. It is a day every charismatic looks forward to as there is great move of the Holy Spirit among the brethren, unprecedented flow of anointing and the wave of glorious manifestations.
Equally, during the seminar, the brethren undergo various counseling and deliverance.


In the concluding part of the seminar, the brethren are tutored on how to identify the gifts that the Holy Spirit has deposited in them in the course of the seminar, thereby helping them to identify their various ministries.
At the end of it all, the brethren are commissioned to go and witness for Jesus as in Math. 28:19-20.

Bible Study

The teaching ministry which major function is excavating the hidden mysteries of the word of God in the bible and teach it to the members of the church.
The teaching ministry through the Bible studies plays the role of educating, edifying the church with the words of God. In the Bible studies, the word of God is being taught word by word, verse by verse and so on. This is to say that topics are being taught in detail and questions and answers section are being taken at the end of the teaching.

Prayer Meeting

In our community (Amen Community), the teaching ministry also plays the role of preaching sound messages to the members of the community. There are lots of testimonies as a result of messages receive at the Thursday prayer meetings. Since the inauguration of the community, the teaching ministry produces preachers, teachers and moderators for both the Bible study and prayer meetings. They also produce preachers in our community monthly vigil.

Soul Winning Team

The soul winning team which is also known as evangelical team is a special group in the teaching ministry. Since the formation of the team, they are responsible for soul winning outreach or outdoor Evangelism. Their activities cover Sunday outreach by 4pm and market Evangelism in some occasions.
The soul winning team has recorded numerous testimonies of Souls won for Christ, as some members of the community were converted as a result of this outreach. The soul winning team recorded some achievements during the leadership of Bro. Cajethan Nwankwo and has been moving higher under the current leadership of Bro. Chigozie Iheme to the glory of God. 


Ministry Meeting

Ministry meeting is a programme holds by teaching ministry every Saturday except on third Saturday of the month being the holy family and Ambassador’s meetings.
It is a duty of every bonafide member of teaching ministry to attend or to be present in ministry meeting.
Hence, the ministry comes together to review her weekly activities such as Bible study, prayer meeting and previous ministry meeting.
For sure, ministry meeting gives room to make some necessary corrections for the success of the ministry according to God’s inspiration. This is because teachers (“Rabbi”) are role models, knowledge givers and qualitative instrument in the community at large, therefore, corrections must be made.
However, the ministry meeting starts by 5:30pm with an opening prayer and praises. From 6:00pm to 6:15 review of previous programmes commences, while members express their views, give piece of advice, corrections etc.

Other activities are as follows:
Ten minutes exhalation: This exercise is carried out by a group assigned to do so. It is an avenue to discover and train new ministers in the ministry.
The hymn book: The ministry sings hymn and prays along with it.
Word of God: The minister of the day will be called to minister to the congregation.
Bible sharing/interaction: Sometimes the ministry may decide to go on bible sharing.
Ministry meeting is an interesting forum, very educative and always good for every member not to miss out.


In order to be edified in dishing out the work of God in Amen community, by teaching ministry, the ministry engages in different spiritual exercises, Annual camp meeting is one of them. In this programme the whole ministry leaves the comfort of their homes and businesses to a secluded place to tarry with the Lord for days. With the help of the programme planning committee (PPC) of the ministry, many things are put in place to make the camp meeting a huge success most often physically and spiritually sound. Group discussions are done, sound word of God shared for the edification of teachers.
It might interest you to know that camp meeting is as old as the ministry itself. From the leadership of Bro. Alphosus Nduka in 1986, they thought it wise, to be having annual camp meeting to equip teachers properly in the discharge of their duties in the community. Till date, annual camp meeting remains a sacrosanct in teaching ministry of Amen community. 


For the edification of teaching ministry, the vigil is usually ones in a month depending on the program of the community, the ministry engages in a vigil at least ones in a month, to tarry with the Lord. The vigil commences 10:00pm on the agreed date. It is meant to praise and worship God, testimonies are shared to the glory of God, messages (word of God) which may be motivational or edificational are given depending on the season.
Monthly vigil of the ministry started in the leadership of Bro. Zacharia Chukwudalu. Till date, the ministry has been doing exploit as a result of the vigil. Body of Christ is continuously edified and people are delivered from the torment of the enemy.


To appreciate the goodness of God in the lives of teachers, the ministry leadership of Bro. Boniface Ngobi Onyejekwe introduced thanksgiving meetings. This programme is usually held on the last Saturday of every month.
It is characterized with enormous praise and worship. Teachers sing and dance with joyful heart to the glory of the Lord (Ps 66:1-2). Sharing of the word of God is equally indispensible in this meeting.
In addition to many wonders of the Lord noticed usually in our meeting, a thanksgiving meeting has equally yielded enormous fruits. Many teaching ministers have testified of instant healing from God of various ailment in the course of this unusual praises and dance. Many have testified of receiving solutions to their problems, all to the glory of God.
In this meeting thanksgiving offerings are made by every member of the ministry, thanking God for his goodness in the passing month and asking for better days ahead.


Liturgical Group

The liturgical group in teaching ministry is a special group that is in charge of messages being preached or taught both in the ministry and community level. They are in charge of searching out topics for Bible studies and prayer meetings. They are also in charge of giving the assignment of teaching or preaching even moderators to qualified individuals in the ministry. The liturgical group is also responsible for searching and training of new ministers in the ministry, they perform this function together with the executive of the ministry.
The liturgical group in teaching ministry was officially inaugurated during the first regime of Bro. Boniface Onyejekwe that was in 2009 with
Bro. Emeka Chigbo as the first leader of the group who was assisted by Bro. Onyeka Nwankwo who is presently the leader of teaching ministry.
The following brothers had led the group since its formation:
Emeka Chigbo
Onyeka Nwankwo (Current Teaching Ministry Leader)
Currently, the liturgical group in teaching ministry is under the leadership of Bro. Matthew Ugwuanyi who is currently the assistant leader of teaching ministry.

Programme Planning Committee (PPC)

The programme planning committee known as PPC are no other people but qualified members of teaching ministry who are chosen to organize, plan and to make decisions for the success of every teaching ministry programme. E.g Ministry Annual Camping, Ministry Workshop and Seminar, Revival programmes among others.
However, the committee was not founded by individuals but it was created by the ministry Executives/leaders. The committee is not open for anybody at anytime, the ministry leadership decides when to reshuffle the committee.

Code of Conduct/Visitation Committee

This group is a selection of some elders in the ministry saddled with the responsibility to see that members are well behaved outside church gathering. Promoting good dress code, conduct to the standard of Amen Community.
Their functions also extended to resolving some family conflicts among members, visiting those whose wives put to bed, as well as visiting the sick, among others. The leader of the group is Bro. Cajetan Nwankwo.
Believer’s Trust Fund (BTF) Committee
This is a concept initiated by the present leadership of teaching ministry to help members inculcate savings culture in them to accelerate financial freedom.
Willing members of the ministry contribute their money to the committee on weekly basis (Popularly known as daily contribution) and it’s financial year period is 12 months. The contributors after one year collect their money in bulk to invest privately in their personal businesses.
It is not how much you make that counts but how much you save. People make money but savings is a challenge, this initiative helps members to save for future. The uniqueness of it is that it is run by the capable hands in the ministry.
Financial-rat-race may be reduced by having a good saving channel which graduates to capital formation. The leader of this group is Bro. Charles Ezeonyebuchi.

Caring Team (Committee)

To care means the process of caring for somebody or something and providing what they need for their livelihood.
Caring team (Committee) started on 6th of May, 2008. The founder is Bro. Zachariah Chukwudalu. Membership in this very committee is by ministry appointment.
However, they are concerned and interested in ministry members who need financial assistance to set up their businesses. Those members must belong to a group and must have been in the ministry not less than two years.
They counsel members on business matters. The caring team also generates fund from the ministry members for caring.
Finally, the materials used for caring so far are as follow
(i).    Physical cash (money)
(ii).   Keke na pep.
The present leader of this committee is Bro. Chukwudi Okonkwo

Website Committee

The website committee is one of the committees created by the leadership of Bro. Onyeka Nwankwo who is presently the leader of the teaching ministry. The function of the committee is to develop and feed information in the website column of the teaching ministry. The website Committee is made up of six members. The leader of the committee is Bro. Marcel N. Okonkwo.